August 30th

August 30th Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:16. In attendance Donna Peck, Tip Garrett, Tom Hart, Alex Breen Rob Lee, Fred Becker Sr., Fred Becker Jr. Laure Perreault and John McGrath.

Minutes read and a motion to accept was made and passed. Treasurers report read motion made to accept report for audit was made and passed.

Fred Becker Jr gave presidents report which detailed his conversations with Ron Leggett & Rick Schoonover regarding their demos for the 50th.

CCAC meeting was about their By-Laws,

Alex Breen has been appointed as FTA Director. He will promote trapping through education in the schools.

Rom Miranda will be sending donations for the 50 yr anniversary raffle.

Motion was made and passed to conclude the meeting at 8:28.

Minutes submitted by Rob Lee