CTA Minutes 1-25-2017

CTA Minutes for 1/25/2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:06. Minutes to last meeting (11/30) were read and accepted for audit.

In attendance were: Fred Becker Jr, Fred Berker Sr, Laure Perreault, Fred Rich, Tip Garritt, Al Potter, Tom Hart, Rob Lee, Bob Andryzeck, Scott Ballou, Andrew Huot and Don Dandelski.

Laure Perreault gave the Treasurers Report. Motion was made and passed to accept report for audit.

Tip Garritt and Fred Becker Jr submitted a letter to the DEEP suggesting the fisher harvest be dropped from the current 4 to 2. Fred Rich made the point to make sure that the DEEP takes low fur prices into account when looking at animal harvest numbers.

Tip spoke about HB5615 which is proposed legislation to give municipalities the power to regulate trapping within their boundaries.

CAC report is that they now have no affiliation with the state.

May 5 will be the game dinner at the Raccoon Club in Durham.

Motion was made to offer buyers at our fur sale reimbursement for their fur buyers license fee.

Motion passed with one dissention.

Motion was made to adjourn at 8:56pm. Motion passed

Next meeting will be March 22

Submitted by Rob Lee