If interested in advertising on our website, please contact Trapper Don at If you own a business such as an outdoor related store, gun shop, bait & tackle, hunting supplies etc . . please inquire for rate information. 


Supply Dealers

Fur Buyers

  • Jimmy Kolman - 860-680-5275
  • Eastern Wildlife Trapping Supplies - 203-235-1318  (We purchase animal glands, beaver castor and skunk essence.)

CT Trapping Course Schedule

  • Basic Trapping Course: Sunday, May 20th at Sessions Woods in Burlington, CT
  • Coyote Land Trapping Course: Saturday, June 23rd (TBD)
  • Basic Trapping Course: Sunday, September 9th (TBD)
  • Coyote Land Trapping Course: Saturday, October 13th (TBD) 

Prospective students please visit the CT DEEP website for more info as time draws closer (30 days out from date):