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(5) Connecticut Bills we need to keep a close eye on!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

1. HB 5272- An Act Permitting Municipal Regulation of Trapping and Hunting

2. HB 6014 - An Act Prohibiting the Use of Leghold and Body Crushing Traps

(they're actually "Foothold and Body Gripping Traps")

3. HB 5250 - An Act Prohibiting Wildlife Trafficking ( this means selling raw fur)

4. HB 5700 - An Act Increasing the Rate of Sales and Use Taxes on Ammunition (50% increase)

5. HB 6013 - An Act Prohibiting the Expansion of Hunting in the State

Please go the CGA Website and research these bills in their entirety. Don't be "smoke screened"! Contact your legislators and ask them to OPPOSE


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