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The CTA offers free removal of all nuisance wildlife. November thru March we can offer removal of Beaver, Coyote, Raccoon, Muskrat, & Fisher. If these animals are causing problems for you on your land anywhere in the state of  Connecticut, the CTA can help and its free!

Check out the CTA Event Calendar. Stay current on upcoming Board Meetings, Conventions and many more of our scheduled events throughout the year. 


The CTA offers a Basic Trapping Course as well as a Coyote Land Trapping Course. Prospective students please visit the CT DEEP website for more info as time draws closer (30 days out from date)

Recent News

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 Jim Critchley 
Education Grant APPLICATION 


There is a scam running where someone is saying they are selling tee shirts with our logo on them but they take your money and you never receive a shirt.  PLEASE only order shirts from the CTA website store  if you want your merchandise .  If you have been scammed reach out to your credit card company. 

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