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Sep 10

CTA Minutes - June 2019



Meeting Called to order at 7:00pm


In Attendance Fred Becker JR, Fred Becker Sr, Fred Rich, Bill Harrell, Jules Perreault, Laure Perreault, Tip Garrett, Scott Kneeland, Tom Hart, Ray Peck, Donna Peck.


Minutes read and motion made and accepted to accept. Treasurers report read motion made and accepted for audit.


Fred Becker discussed the Grant awards given. Advanced trapping class cancelled this year at the Meriden rod and gun club.


Jules Perreault thanked all instructors for attending the training in Hadley Massachusetts.


Laure Perreault brought up raffle  discussion to change from gift cards to cash,  Motion made and passed.


Fred Rich volunteered to cover the Ag Day on Sept 21.


Nominating committee was formed for elections of officers.

Scott Kneeland chairmen Donna & Ray Peck volunteered to assist.

Motion to adjourn 8:53.


Respectfully submitted

Scott Kneeland

New Posts
  • October 5, 2019 Minutes, Convention Meeting and Election Attendance: Fred Becker Jr., Fred Becker Sr., Fred Rich, Rob Lee, Scott Kneeland, Bob Andryzeck, Jules Perreault, Laure Perreault, Bill Harrell, Tip Garrett, John McGrath. Al Potter.  Many members and guests. Called to order @ 10:00 A.M. First order of business was the raffle drawing. Guest Rick Schoonover spoke on the importance of continued vigilance on our fight to preserve trapping in Connecticut and help stop the threat to all the remaining New England States. How important it is to grow our membership. Treasurers report was read, Fred Rich moved to approve, Scott Kneeland second. Motion passed pending audit. Minutes of the last meeting were read, Fred Rich moved to accept, Bob Andryzeck second. Old Business; Fred Rich spoke on the Woodstock Fair and Ag Day and the importance of our attendance. He thanked everyone for their help and support. New Business; Jules donated a Fisher and mink mount for our display. A special thank you to David Whitney for donating his time and skill to complete the mounts and to Jules Perreault for paying for the materials and providing the animals. Bob Andryzeck spoke on the need for fur clothing display and posters for our booth at the Hartford and Springfield shows. Our motto will be “Nothing Wasted” Guest Speaker DEEP Paul Rego spoke on the bobcat program and said there will be no tag and collar this season. Next season will most likely be only the Farmington Valley. Paul also spoke on the on going bear problems and the rapid growth of the bear population. He also said there appears to be  a decline in Fisher population and the harvest next season will be reduced from 4 to 2. Awards were presented. Junior Trapper Will Lee, Trapper of the year Nate Sherry, Trappers hall of fame Rob Lee, George Finch Fred Becker Sr. Election of Officers, only nominees were Fred Becker President, Jules Perreault Vice President West, Bill Harrell Vice President East, Laure Perreault Secretary, Laure Perreault Treasurer. There was no discussion or nominations from the floor. All officers were elected to a full term. Motion to adjourn Scott Kneeland, seconded Bill Harrell motion passed Adjourned 11:19 A.M. Respectfully Submitted Scott H Kneeland
  • CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE RAFFLE WINNERS 1st place Ron Doucette $500 ticket #1527                          2nd place David Garritt $400 ticket #3687 3rd place Chris Bowen  $300 ticket #3908                 4th place Mike Blackwood $200 ticket #3372        5th place Chris Bowen   $50.00 ticket #3917 6th place Nick Zemek    $50.00 ticket #3971 AND A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SOLD OR BROUGHT THERE TICKETS.  AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE BIG EFFORTS OF RAY AND DONNA PECK WHO SOLD 20 BOOKS OF TICKETS.  CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH AND ANYONE ELSE WHO SOLD MORE THAN ONE BOOK. September 25, 2019 minutes Meeting called to order 7:00P.M. In Attendance: Fred Becker Jr., Fred Becker SR., Bill Harrell, Jules Perreault, Laure Perreault, Tip Garrett, Scott Kneeland, Rob Lee, Bob Andryzeck, Ray Peck, Donna Peck, Stefan Churyk. Minutes of the August meeting were read. Motion made a motion to accept, Tip Garrett second. Treasurers report read. Motion to accept pending audit by Bill Harrell, second Tip Garrett. Discussion;  Dave Shepeck will also sit on the legislative committee that was formed.  Ag day at the Woodstock fair grounds was a good turnout with positive feedback. The Connecticut outdoor event at Hammonasset was a great success. Old Business; Convention on October 5 we have no cook as of yet, members will need to step up and fill in.  The meeting will begin at 9:00 A.M. election of officers will be at 9:45, the raffle will be drawn at 10:00 as required by our permit.10:15 Jason Hawley biologists from the DEEP will update us on the bobcat program. Skinning demonstrations will follow outside. New Business; The NTA membership drive was explained by Rob Lee. Next meeting is October 30,2019 Motion to adjourn 8:35, seconded and passed Respectfully Submitted Scott H Kneeland Next meeting Oct 30,2019 7:00pm DeKoven House Middletown CT  open to all members
  • Meeting call to order7:01pm In Attendance: Fred Becker Jr, Fred Becker Sr, Bill Harrell, Jules & Laure Perreault, Tip Garritt, Scott Kneeland, Rob Lee, Bob Andryzeck, Ray & Donna Peck. Also a nonmember Rich Orlando Minutes read motion made and accepted to accept minutes Treasurers report read motion made and accepted to put report on audit. Old Business: Fred Becker Jr reported on the trip to Olsen’s.  He had discussions at length with NTA President John Daniels about the future of trapping and the possibilities of needing to hire a Lobbyist. New Business:  We formed a Legislative committee to contact Legislators and work for their support. Motion made to adjourn it was seconded.  Meeting adjourned 8:39pm Respectfully Submitted Scott Kneeland